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Mathematics of DNA Structure, Function and Interactions

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1. Auflage, 2009

Propelled by the success of the sequencing of the human and many related genomes, molecular and cellular biology has delivered significant scientific breakthroughs. Mathematics (broadly defined) continues to play a major role in this effort, helping to discover the secrets of life by working collaboratively with bench biologists, chemists and physicists.

Because of its outstanding record of interdisciplinary research and training, the IMA was an ideal venue for the 2007-2008 IMA thematic year on Mathematics of Molecular and Cellular Biology. The kickoff event for this thematic year was a tutorial on Mathematics of Nucleic Acids, followed by the workshop Mathematics of Molecular and Cellular Biology, held September 15--21 at the IMA. This volume is dedicated to the memory of Nicholas R. Cozzarelli, a dynamic leader who fostered research and training at the interface between mathematics and molecular biology. It contains a personal remembrance of Nick Cozzarelli, plus 15 papers contributed by workshop speakers. The papers give an overview of state-of-the-art mathematical approaches to the understanding of DNA structure and function, and the interaction of DNA with proteins that mediate vital life processes.

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