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Advances in Application of Stem Cells: From Bench to Clinics

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1. Auflage, 2021

The field of stem cell biology is expanding with a continued surge of new information related to its applications. Over past few years, stem cells have been extensively used in cell therapy, tissue engineering, in vitro drug testing among others. At the moment there is no single book available which comprehensively describes the significance of various application of stem cells derived from embryonic and adult sources from lab to clinics. In this edited volume, we discuss basics and advanced topics of stem cells to help researchers, students and professional find the most important information in a single source of updated information about stem cells and relevant applications. This book is divided in 12 chapters and covers topics such as in vitro cell culture, 3D cell culture, cell therapy, tissue engineering, cell factory, cell functionality, in vitro drug testing, organ development, autologous transplantation, allogeneic transplantation, adult stem cells, multipotent stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells, a pluripotent and embryonic stem cells.

Professor Firdos Alam Khan is Professor and Chairman, Department of Stem Cell Biology, Institute for Research and Medical Consultations (IRMC), Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. In addition to his research work, he has been teaching (Cell Physiology and Biochemistry and Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine) courses to MSc students. Professor Khan has done his Ph.D. degree in Zoology with a Neuroscience specialization from Nagpur University, India.  Over the past 25 years, Professor Khan has been involved in teaching various courses such as Cell Biology, Pharmacology, Business of Biotechnology, Biomedicine, Cell & Tissue Engineering, Bioethics & IPR to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Professor Khan was associated with Manipal University (now Manipal Academy of Higher Education) Dubai Campus, United Arab Emirates. He was a Professor and Chairperson, School of Life Sciences and served as Chairman of the Research & Development Program. Professor Khan did his first postdoctoral fellowship from the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bangalore, India, and a second postdoctoral fellowship from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA. Professor Khan has also worked with the Reliance Life Sciences as a Research Scientist in the Stem Cell Research Laboratory. Professor Khan has been granted two US patents in stem cell biology and published 3 US patents on the use of biomaterials in cancer treatment. Professor Khan has authored two books, namely 'Biotechnology Fundamentals (textbook)' (1st edition 2009, 2nd edition 2014, 3rd edition 2020) and 'Biotechnology in Medical Science' published by CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group. Also edited one book, 'Application of Nanomaterials in Human Health,' in 2020 published by Springer Nature. Professor Khan was an Associate Editor of research journal 3Biotech from 2010 to 2020. Professor Khan has been a recognized reviewer for the scientific journals -Nanomedicine, International Journal of Nanomedicine, Scientific Reports, IET Nanobiotechnology, Drug Design, Development, and Therapy, Journal of Nanostructure in Chemistry, Aging, Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Tissue Engineering, Nano Express, . He has published more than 70 research papers in peer-reviewed journals.  Professor Khan is currently studying the impact of different biomolecules, biomaterials, and nanomaterials on stem cell differentiation and cancer treatment.
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