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52 Years Coping with Chronic... Back Pain

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1. Auflage, 2021

This book is about holistic strategies and techniques I discovered to keep me active and alert by reducing pain. It encourages you to focus on the things you can do and enjoy, such as playing and learning instruments, rather than what you cannot do. 

I developed a Continually Growing Big Plan which included: healthy living and healthy eating; home treatments; physical and mental exercises; complementary medicine and other alternative treatments such as yoga, tai-chi, meditation, Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), relaxation techniques, pacing, activating endorphins and many more.

Attitude and self-awareness impact on how we deal with obstacles and pain; it is a twofold battle: physical and mental. Included are pointers on:

- PMA - Is the practice of continually searching to improve the current situation.

- Optimism - A willingness to make an effort; readiness to do something.

- Acceptance - Acknowledging your current situation, which may change.

- Resilience - Bouncing back from adversity and never giving up.

- Gratitude - Appreciate the good things in life, focussing only on positives.

- Determination - Being purposeful, tenacious and resolute.

- Open mindedness - Being receptive to new ideas.

- Lateral thinking - Viewing problems from a new and unusual perspective.

- Creativity - Being imaginative to create or change your approach.

- Investigative mind - Be willing to learn more about every aspect of your condition and what can be done to improve it.

- Decisiveness - Developing the ability to make decisions with confidence.

- Organised/Discipline mind - Developing the ability to reflect and control feelings and impulses. This attitude refers to a person's self-management skills.

- Tolerance - Developing the capacity to endure pain by focussing on the above attitudes.

- Self-confidence - Developing all of the above will boost self-confidence and regain trust on your own abilities, qualities, decision making and judgement.

It is my greatest wish that this book inspires and empower readers to seek their own personal positive outcomes. The key is: Never give up!  


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