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A NEW COMPUTED APPROACH TO OR MANAGEMENT. Tracing Step by Step all the Surgical Path

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1. Auflage, 2017

The Operating Room Block (ORB) is one of the most costly logistic facilities for hospitals. Moreover, the activity inside an ORB is usually managed like 'sailing by sight'. There are a lot of conflicting points of view, due to the different competencies involved, and it may be very difficult for the different actors to get a global and overall vision of the whole surgical process.This interesting ebook, just written by an engineer, with a specific graduation thesis and a full immersion period of more than four years in a surgical environment, represents an easy and competent introduction to the world of informatics applied to ORB and its management.The point of view of the engineer is really peculiar for the complete absence of a conflict of interests in this area. For this reason, the engineer's point of view may be able to effectively support hospitals and OR operators with a lot of practical and objective elements, to allow building and developing a computed data management system as a tool of evaluation of team performance and as a way to gain efficiency in ORB, always maintaining an adequate level of safety for the patient.
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