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Functional Preservation and Quality of Life in Head and Neck Radiotherapy

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1. Auflage, 2009

The emphasis on cancer management in the past was based primarily on control rates from multidisciplinary input in management. There has always been a recognition that one would like to achieve the best result with the least complication, but never has there been any major emphasis on evidence-based outcome studies, nor on functional preservation and quality of life. The authors of this book have dealt very effectively with the various tumor types in head and neck cancer with the experts in the ? eld of management. The contents range from epidemiology and treatment outcome, treatment techniques with the potential impact on the quality of life such as dysphagia, to the various options relative to high technology radiation therapy programs for mana- ment. The potential for improving form and function through surgical care as an integrated part of the program is dealt with very effectively as well as the potentials for chemotherapy and the use of targeted agents have on quality of life issues. The volume also addresses toxicity, quality of life, and techniques for prevention of adverse effects, as well as the potentials for rehabilitation and supportive care. The authors have clearly done an extraordinarily good job in addressing the mul- plicity of problems that impact upon the functional preservation and quality of life in head and neck radiation therapy. Philadelphia Luther W.
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