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Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation in Clinical Practice

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1. Auflage, 2021

This book is clearly structured into easy ascending steps. It starts with basic principles of physiology and then goes on to discuss topics such as hypoxia, the A-a gradient, respiratory failure, types of respiratory acidoses and their compensation. Concise and easy to follow chapters examine complex disorders of metabolic acidosis and alkalosis with examples and case reports to stimulate thoughts of the readers. Pearls of clinical wisdom are spread throughout each chapter of the book.   

Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation in Clinical Practice is intended for all trainees and clinicians in emergency medicine, acute medicine, intensivism, respiratory medicine, nephrology, cardiology, anaesthesia, paediatrics, internal medicine, general medicine and endocrinology. It is particularly useful to medical students and nurses working in the specialties above. Physiologists and physiotherapists working in ventilator support, will also be highly benefitted with this title.

Dr Anil Mane is a consultant in medicine working for the NHS. In his long career spanning over 34 years, he has worked in acute medicine, intensive care, respiratory medicine, neurology, cardiology and diabetes, and haematology. His degrees and achievements include the MBBS. MD. FRCP (Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London), FRCPI (Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Dublin), Diploma in Medicine for Elderly, and the Postgraduate Certificate course in Medical Education.
During his career, Dr Mane has been teaching students and trainees at all grades in nursing and medicine. Dr Mane worked as a Lecturer in medicine for six years and as Associate Professor for 3 years. He also became Tutor for the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, and for the Trinity College Dublin, and for the Royal College of Physicians London. He had been a postgraduate guide for many Universities.  He has been examiner for the MRCPI examinations for the Royal College of Physicians, Dublin.
Dr Mane has been described by his trainees, as 'gold standard physician' and the 'best knowledgeable doctor'.
Dr Mane has been awarded as the best clinical teacher award by the Hospital Board, and also by the Cardiff University.
Dr Mane is recently received an award for professional excellence, by the BAPIO.
Dr Mane has a research MD, and many publications, to his credit. His book on the medical emergencies is well acclaimed.
Working on the blood gas analysis is his long standing passion. He has published his work on this topic in the renowned medical journal, 'Age & ageing'. He has delivered many lectures on the topic of blood gas analysis.
Dr Mane's colleagues write about him as, 'the inspiring doctor and a teacher'.
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