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Aptamers for Medical Applications

From Diagnosis to Therapeutics

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1. Auflage, 2021

This book outlines comprehensively the main medical uses of aptamers, from diagnosis to therapeutics in fourteen chapters. Pioneering topics covered include aptamer pharmaceuticals, aptamers for malign tumors, aptamers for personalized therapeutics and aptamers for point-of-care testing. The book offers an essential guide for medical scientists interested in developing aptamer-based schemes for better theranostics. It is therefore of interest for not only academic researchers, but also practitioners and medical researchers in various fields of medical science, medical research and bio-analytical chemistry.  

 Yiyang Dong is Full Professor and Director of Food Safety & Risk Assessment Laboratory of Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) in Beijing, China. Having obtained his Ph.D. from Peking University in 1998 and completed a postdoctoral position in the University of Tokyo, Japan, in 2011, he then spent most of his career as an expert analytical chemist in Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine before taking up his present appointment at BUCT. He has authored over 100 scientific publications in both analytical and bio-analytical fields using aptamer-based biosensor, capillary electrophoresis, liquid chromatography, microfluidics and mass spectrometry. Among his current interests are the selection of class-specific aptamers, development of various applicable aptasensors, native mass spectrometry for stoichiometric aptamer-ligand research and lateral flow assay for medical diagnosis and food safety analysis.

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