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A Clinician's Guide to Discussing Obesity with Patients

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1. Auflage, 2021

This practical book provides effective, time-efficient strategies for initiating and continuing productive conversations about weight that can be incorporated into any practice setting. It will benefit all clinicians-advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, physicians-from students to experienced providers, whether they provide obesity treatment or refer to those who do.

This guide addresses the numerous barriers that clinicians encounter when they contemplate or attempt conversations about weight and provides strategies to reduce and overcome these barriers. It guides clinicians step-by-step through the concepts and skills needed to have conversations that lead to improved health. Each chapter provides useful tools and information about how to move the conversation forward in a respectful, skillful manner. Real life clinical scenarios provide examples of short, productive conversations that incorporate the tools into clinical practice. 

Many clinicians recognize the importance of discussing weight with their patients yet feel unprepared to do so. Most did not learn about obesity or how to talk about it in their clinical educational programs and have little access to continuing education. Without the knowledge and skills to start a productive conversation, many avoid the topic. This avoidance has a negative impact on the health of those with obesity and pre-obesity. Given that obesity treatment improves outcomes, it is imperative that clinicians are skilled at discussing weight with knowledge and sensitivity. This book meets that gap.

Sandra Christensen is a US board-certified nurse practitioner and has specialized in obesity treatment since 2005. She holds a Certificate of Advanced Education in Obesity Management from the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA). Ms. Christensen owns Integrative Medical Weight Management in Seattle, Washington, where she provides personalized, comprehensive obesity treatment in a comfortable, healing setting. She is a fellow of the Obesity Medicine Association and serves as a trustee on the OMA Board of Trustees. She is a contributing author of the OMA Obesity Algorithm, which translates the latest scientific literature and knowledge of experienced obesity specialists into evidence-based guidance in obesity treatment and is updated yearly.

As a leader in the obesity treatment field, she is extensively involved in national and local programs and initiatives that educate clinicians about obesity, mentor those who are new to the field, and advocate for access to care. She speaks at local, state, and national conferences and webinars and has authored professional articles on the topic of obesity treatment.

Ms. Christensen has dedicated herself to educating others about the complexities of obesity. Through clinical practice, speaking, writing, and advocacy, she empowers patients and healthcare providers to address obesity with knowledge and compassion. 

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