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Policy Innovation for Health

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1. Auflage, 2008

The facts are hard to ignore: rising rates of chronic disease, epidemic obesity and diabetes, a widening longevity gap between rich and poor, health care 'reforms' at odds with patient interests. In response, Policy Innovations for Health argues that a nation's well-being mirrors the health of its citizens-and calls not only for improvement in our health care systems but for a complete reconceptualization of health and social policy, starting with expanded, interrelated roles for health care providers, consumers, and policymakers.

The long-term strategies outlined in this book emphasize a stronger balance between public and individual health goals, and collaborations between cost-efficient, streamlined medical care and innovative therapeutic research and technology-values that have been traditionally been considered in conflict. Examples are included of new care models and groundbreaking programs from Canada, the EU, and Australia that bring together the community, consumer, governmental, and corporate sectors; bridge the gaps between prevention, health promotion, and practice; and improve core health determinants such as living conditions, education, and social supports. These social, political, medical, and technological advances, assert the authors, are crucial to meeting the challenges of the decades ahead.

Among the topics covered:

  • Health as a central economic and societal force.
  • New directions in the monitoring of health and well-being.
  • 'Integrating Health in all Policies' programs and how they can be implemented.
  • The democratization of health knowledge and the expanding role of patient participation.
  • Closing the financial divide in public health priority-setting.

Policy Innovations for Health adds important new voices to the health care debate, and its vision will inspire professionals in health policy, health administration, health economics, and global health, as well as graduate students planning to enter these rapidly changing fields.

Ilona Kickbusch is known throughout the world for her contributions to innovation in public health, health promotion and global health.

She has had a distinguished career with the World Health Organization and Yale University. She is a sought after speaker and advisor on policies and strategies to promote health at the national and international level.

She now works as an independent global health consultant based in Brienz, Switzerland.

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