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A Mechanistic Approach to Medicines for Tuberculosis Nanotherapy

Mechanistic Approach to Medicines for Tuberculosis Nanotherapy

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1. Auflage, 2021

A Mechanistic Approach to Medicines for Tuberculosis Nanotherapy examines drug carrier development for controlled, targeted, pH and stimuli responsive drug releases for tuberculosis. The book provides in-depth information about mycobacterium tuberculosis, tuberculosis formation, and synthetic procedures for carrier synthesis, characterizations and mechanistic approaches. Key topics include the properties and functions of nanomedicines and how they might be applied for clinical diagnosis and treatment. Emphasis is placed on the basic fundamentals, biomaterial formulations, design principles, fabrication techniques, and transitioning bench-to-bed clinical applications.

This book is useful for new researchers who focus on nanomedicine, stem cell therapy and bone tissue engineering. In addition, it introduces experienced researchers and clinicians to key trends, thus increasing their knowledge in drug discovery for tuberculosis and nanomedicine.

  • Features the most notable uses of drug for tuberculosis treatment, including novel advances in materials
  • Assesses new agents and chemical compounds against tuberculosis
  • Examines the interaction of new technologies to discover ways to treat tuberculosis more effectively and efficiently
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