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Aging and Money

Reducing Risk of Financial Exploitation and Protecting Financial Resources

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2. Auflage, 2021

This book aims to disseminate and share knowledge about financial exploitation of elders with the purpose of protecting those individuals in our society who are most vulnerable to financial abuse and mistreatment. It instructs practicing clinicians in identification of risk factors, recognition of signs, and implementation of screening methods to protect their patients. This updated edition expands upon and advances the earlier text by including the most recent research and methods used to assess risk of financial exploitation, as well as updates in how the law approaches such cases. It also highlights ways in which community awareness can aid in identifying those most at risk, effectively protecting the elderly community, advocating for those victimized, and pursuing perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law. Professionals from law enforcement, medical clinics, financial institutions, and the legal field are now tasked with acting on suspected situations thanks to increasing recognition of financial abuse and mistreatment of an aging population. This book also guides professionals on how to discuss this information with potential victims.

This second edition of Aging and Money expands the knowledge base to highlight the perspectives of different disciplines including professionals in medicine, law, the financial industry, and social services who play an important role in investigating and preventing financial abuse of the elderly.

Ronan M. Factora
Center for Geriatric Medicine
The Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH

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