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Cancer Research is a Social Endeavor

An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Ethics in Cancer Research

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1. Auflage, 2008

These collected papers from a conference in Germany’s famous Wartburg Castle reveal the excitement of potential discovery that presently exists among scientists who study cancer. The papers also outline the obstacles and struggles that stall progress in the prevention and treatment of this terrible disease. What unites the collection is the point that progress requires a social commitment – that cancer is a risk not only for individuals, but also for communities.

Cancer research requires more than great sums of public and private resources, it needs a structure that benefits from efficient and productive networks of scientists. There is a further essential requirement, however. The community that benefits from and sponsors cancer research must trust that it is guided by widely shared ethical ideals.

The papers in “Cancer Research Is A Social Endeavor” utilize the expertise of a diverse array of scientific specialists, yet they are addressed to a wide public. They function as an introduction to ethics in cancer research for three reasons: They demonstrate the nature of the problem that the disease poses for society. They argue how cancer research can benefit society. And they outline the guidelines that must govern research.
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