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Aneurysms of the Popliteal Artery

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1. Auflage, 2020

Popliteal aneurysms  are still controversial in terms of their pathogenesis, and challenging in terms of their treatment.  This book offers a detailed overview of the latest advances in our understanding of the disease, and highlights the latest theories. Divided into eght sections, it focuses on: the historical background, embryology and anatomy of the popliteal artery, clinical presentation and diagnosis, pros and cons of traditional surgical techniques, pros and cons of advanced endovascuar techniques. The last section focuses on non-atherosclerotic popliteal aneurysme, i.e. on diseases in which popliteal aneurysms may specifically appear, rendering more challenging the diagnosis and the treatment

As stressed in the foreword by the Chief Editor of the Journal of Vascuar Surgery, this book, given its scope, offers a valuable guide for all health professionals - experts and in training -.involved in vascular pathology and surgery.

Antonino Cavallaro graduated with a degree in Medicine from Catania University, where he also obtained his post-graduate diploma in general surgery. He then spent a period as a visiting fellow at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, USA. In 1984 he was appointed as a Full Professor of Surgery at the University of Rome 'Sapienza', and later Head of the Department of Surgery 'P. Valdoni' and of the 1st Postgraduate Training in General Surgery. He is also an Honorary Professor of Complutense University, Madrid, Spain and an Honorary Consultant for the Military Hospital 'Celio' in Rome. He is author of more than 500 journal articles and several books.

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