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Advanced Application of Arthroscopy

A Practical Guide with Illustrative Cases

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1. Auflage, 2020

This book provides arthroscopy techniques and applications to clinical practitioners, including sports medicine therapeutics, orthopaedic surgeons, specialist training candidates, rehabilitation clinicians. It also includes small incisions per minimally invasive surgery using a camera mounted on a thin tube to visualize, repair and reconstruct joint-associated structures. 

Arthroscopy technique as a minimally invasive surgical method, in Orthopeadics is not only for the treatment of intra-articular diseases but also an advanced conception for treatment of extra-articular diseases and peri-articular fractures. After performing years of arthroscopy, authors intend to provide an elite technique demonstration of each procedure, including indications, technique, complications, and results.

There are three main parts of the book, including the extra-articular application of arthroscopy techniques, arthroscopic minimally invasive techniques for the treatment of intra-articular fractures, and Innovative technology for repair and reconstruction of bone and joint injuries. Key technical points and experience of arthroscopic repair of joint injuries, dislocation of joints, fixation of the intra-articular fractures, ligament release for limbs are illustrated. Special situations such as congenital torticollis, deltoid contracture, gluteal muscle contracture, bone grafting, removal of locking plate and screw and benign tumors treatment are also included.

Editor Yu-jie Liu is a surgeon and professor at the Department of Orthopedics, Chinese PLA General Hospital, Beijing, China. Editor Chun-bao Li is a surgeon at the same department. Editor Jing Xue is a surgeon at the Department of Orthopedics, Air Force Medical Center, Beijing, China. Editor Chang-ming Huang is a surgeon at the Department of Orthopedics, The 73 Group Army Hospital (The Affiliated Cheng-gong Hospital of Xiamen University), Xiamen, China.

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