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A Dictionary of Neurological Signs

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2. Auflage, 2006

'Although it has been mooted whether the dramatic technological advances in neurological practice, (i.e., neuroimaging) might render the physical exam redundant, others maintain the central importance of neurological examination in patient management. A Dictionary of Neurological Signs seeks to elucidate the interpretation of neurological signs ('neurosemiology'): their anatomical, physiological, and pathological significance.' (from the Preface)

The structured entries in this practical, clinical resource provide a snapshot of a wide range of neurological signs. Each entry includes: definition of the sign; brief account of the clinical technique required to elicit the sign; description of the other signs which may accompany the index sign. Where known, the entries also include neuroanatomical basis of the sign; explanation of pathyophysiological and/or pharmacological background; neuropathological basis; differential diagnosis; and brief treatment details. The Dictionary provides practical, concise answers to complex clinical questions.

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