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A Pharmacology Primer

Theory, Applications, and Methods

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2. Auflage, 2010

The Second Edition will continue this tradition of better preparing researchers in the basics of pharmacology. In addition, new human interest material including historical facts in pharmacology will be added. A new section on therapeutics will help readers identify with diseases and drug treatments.
*Over 30 new figures and tables
*More human interest information to provide readers with historical facts on pharmacology research
*New section on therapeutics to help identify diseaes and drug treatments
*New section on new biological concepts relevant to pharmacological research (i.e., systems biology)
*New study sections organized with ASPET and other international pharmacology organizations
*New coverage of pharmacokinetics and drug disposition

Terry P. Kenakin is the recipient of the 2008 Poulsson Medal for Pharmacology awarded by the Norwegian Society of Pharmacology for achievements in basic and clinical pharmacology and toxicology. He has also been awarded the 2011 Ariens Award from the Dutch Pharmacological Society and the 2014 Gaddum Memorial Award from the British Pharmacological Society. Having been involved in drug discovery for over 30 years, his interests include the optimal design of drug activity assays systems and quantitative drug receptor theory. He is a member of numerous editorial boards as well as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Receptors and Signal Transduction and Current Opinion in Pharmacology. In addition, Dr. Kenakin has authored numerous articles and has also written a number of books on pharmacology.
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