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Healthcare Industry in America and Canada

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1. Auflage, 2017

Seminar paper from the year 2016 in the subject Health - Public Health, grade: 1, Egerton University, language: English, abstract: This research paper will provide an overview of the healthcare industry in the U.S and Canada. It will also provide a discussion on different aspects of these two healthcare systems, primarily with regard to the cost of healthcare in the two countries. Healthcare industry in America and Canada is believed to be one of the most sophisticated healthcare systems in the world, primarily in regard to healthcare sustainability and life expectancy of their populations. Ordinarily, healthcare systems in the U.S and Canada are experiencing related challenges. For instance, both systems are faced with an enormous public health challenges owing to the high incidence rates of non-communicable diseases such as obesity and its related health conditions which have increased the disease burden on healthcare systems. As a result, healthcare expenditure in the U.S and Canada has more than doubled in the past two decades owing to the unprecedented increase of healthcare costs. However, healthcare industry in the U.S and Canada differ significantly in terms of the forms of healthcare systems, styles of rationing healthcare, healthcare coverage and healthcare technologies adopted in the healthcare systems. Moreover, healthcare industry in the U.S and Canada manifest differences in regard to their impacts on the economy and healthcare policy reforms.
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