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Articles on Environment and Human Health

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1. Auflage, 2017

Anthology from the year 2012 in the subject Health - Public Health, , language: English, abstract: This book is a collection of several essays by the author from the years 1999 to 2012. They all deal with the topic of environment and Human Health. Environmental pollution is on the rise affecting human health. These essays outline such pollutants with focus on waste management. Essays included on the following topics: Egocentric to Eco-Centric; Health Inequality & Sustainable Development in India; Managing Hospital Waste Is Difficult - How difficult; Pollutants & Human Health; Compromise..........Compromise; Hospital Waste Management: Missing Links; Hospital Waste Causing Havoc with Human Health; Injection Waste Disposal in India; Effects of Vermicomposting on Microbiological Flora of Infected Biomedical Waste; Human Trafficking and HIV/AIDS; Case Study: Complaint of Sukhdev Vihar Residents on Health Concerns due to Emission from a nearby Incinerator; Food Waste Management: An Innovative Approach; Healthcare in India: The Road Ahead.

Air Mshl (Dr) LK Verma, AVSM (Retd), MBBS, M Sc (Ecology and Environment), Ph D, (Hospital Waste Management) Profile: - Former Dir Gen Medical Services, Indian Air Force Dr Verma's deep rooted interest in issues of biomedical waste management is well known. He took initiative and formed Indian Society of Hospital Waste Management in year 2000. He has undertaken many research projects and has authored many papers in national and international journals, and a book, 'Managing Healthcare Waste- a Practical Approach'. He has recently completed (as consultant), a UNICEF supported project to strengthen biomedical waste management in the state of Jharkhand, India, which involved initial survey, and training to Dy Suptds and Managers of the Govt Hospitals of the state on TOT mode. He was awarded Hon Fellowship of Indian Society of Aerospace Medicine (2002), and Founding Fellow of the Indian Society of hospital Waste Management (2011). He has held a number of workshops and was a resource person on WHO-SEARO and IGNOU collaborative programme for developing Certificate Course in Healthcare Waste Management, and held discussions and workshops. Dr Verma is known not only in the country but in many parts of the world for his pioneering work in healthcare waste management in India. Academically, he remains busy in writing papers, articles, and peer review of papers/abstracts for international journals, and conferences. Two books containing his articles and papers have been recently published by LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany. He is a published author in Hindi and English in literature, poetry, socio-political issues and philosophy. His published books are 3 of Hindi Poetry, one Hindi play, one English poetry anthology, and two books on waste management and on India's social and political issues. His books are listed on amazon.in and amazon.com and can be accessed by author's name : Laljee Verma. His latest book "Karma, its Applicability and Relevance in Day to Day life" was published in 2016. Widely reported on internet.
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