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Full Stride

Advancing the State of the Art in Lower Extremity Gait Systems

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1. Auflage, 2017

Objectives. The primary goal of Full Stride: Next Steps is to describe the latest research and technology that is beyond the scope of the first volume, Full Stride.  The contents of the accompanying volume directly relate to the futuristic design and application of lower-extremity prosthetic devices.  Full Stride: Next Steps will provide a survey of relevant technology areas (see chapter list) at an appropriate depth for professional-level readers associated with the relevant fields to inform technical, programmatic or funding decisions. Intended Audience. Full Stride: Next Steps is targeted toward the same audience as Full Stride - medical practitioners and researchers with a vested interest in utilizing or developing prosthetic technology for civilian or military amputees.  Medical practitioners include trauma specialists, orthopedists, rehabilitation specialists, nursing staff and physical therapists. Targeted researchers include clinical specialists working with amputee patients well as scientists, who specialize in fields that impact prosthetic devices such as materials sciences, engineering (electrical, mechanical, biomedical), robotics and human physiology.  Scholarly / Intellectual Contributions. Full Stride: Next Steps in Lower Extremity Gait Systems will summarize the state-of-science across the technological, engineering and biomedical research that is advancing prosthetic device development.  It will have significant contributions from leading experts in the field of lower limb prosthetic devices that were a part of TATRC workshops and/or integrated research team summits in order to facilitate alignment with ongoing research and future objectives.What the Accompanying Volume Brings to the Field. Full Stride: Next Steps in Lower Extremity Gait Systems is written as a follow up piece of work designed to discuss the more advanced and at times controversial areas of research in lower limb prosthetic devices.  There is not another published book on lower limb prosthetic devices that discusses the latest research endeavors.  Similar to Full Stride, the accompanying volume will pay particular attention to technologies in prosthetic design or advancement that can potentially benefit both civilian and military amputees.  However, in contrast to the previously published books, Full Stride: Next Steps will discuss alternative technologies to prosthetic devices and elaborate more upon the technological advances that are driving this field into the future.

Victoria Tepe, PhD

Senior Scientist/Program Manager

The Geneva Foundation

Tacoma, WA, USA


Charles M. Peterson, MD, MBA, FACP

Research Associate Professor of Chemistry

Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY, USA




Potomac, MD, USA

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