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A Rights-Based Preventative Approach for Psychosocial Well-being in Childhood

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1. Auflage, 2010

Children are one of the most important phase of human development and the most important target group for social work intervention. Most of the schools of human development and social work round the world have an elective course on children and some offer a concentration in this area. There are plenty of textbooks on intervention with children published by Western authors, focusing on useful theories and skills but mainly at the remedial level. They neither use the preventative approach nor the child rights perspective, which has been found useful in the developing nations. The books on child rights are generally published by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and other international organisations working in the field of children such as Save the Children. These books focus on the useful child rights perspective but they neither integrate theories nor use the preventative approach. The proposed book A Rights-based Preventative Approach for Children's Psychosocial Well-Being: will be the first to apply the child rights perspective and the preventative approach to intervention for children's psychosocial well-being. It is an integration of theories with practice and teaching relevant in different parts of the world. The book is divided into the following three parts: Part 1: Introduction to a Rights-based Preventative Approach for Children's Psychosocial Well-Being.- Part 2: Primary Prevention for Children's Psychosocial Well-Being.- Part 3: Secondary and Tertiary Prevention for Children's Psychosocial Well-Being

Prof. Murli Desai has a doctorate in social work from the Washington University in St. Louis, United States of America. She was a faculty member for 22 years at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India, giving leadership to the fields of family studies and social work education and was invited to undertake national-level assignments in both the fields. She served as a Senior Visiting Fellow for two years at the National University of Singapore and now works as a Professor at the Seoul National University. She has authored two books, edited seven books and guest edited 11 special issues of journals. She has served as the Associate Editor of The Indian Journal of Social Work and the Managing Editor of the Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development. She was an elected Member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Schools of Social Work for two terms.
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