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New Health Systems

Integrated Care and Health Inequalities Reduction

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1. Auflage, 2017

New health systems exist today thanks to the changing nature of diseases as a result of the integration of new technologies and new approaches in care giving and the management of healthcare systems. This book studies the health inequalities in these new health systems, structured according to the integrated health services approach. The authors investigate a wide range of debates and issues, including the consequences of a collaborative economy on healthcare and the possible 'uberization” of a wide range of its services. The first part of the book offers an overview of the problem of inequalities in the field of health. The second part discusses the possibility of a sustainable and equitable architecture for health systems..

  • Explains the dynamics that animate Health Systems
  • Explores tracks to build sustainable and equal architectures of Health Systems
  • Presents the advantages and inconveniences of the different ways of care integration and the management of Health information systems

Mohamed Lamine Bendaoud is Doctor of Economics at the Artois University in Arras, France
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