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AIDS Orphans Rising

What You Should Know and What You Can Do to Help Them Succeed


Every 14 seconds a Child Headed Household is formed
The death of parents from AIDS leaves behind little children, often four or five of them, who desperately want to stay together as a family. In the literature, they call them Child Headed Households. Imagine watching your mother and father slowly die before your eyes, leaving you to bury them and then to raise and care for your younger brothers and sisters. AIDS Orphans Rising takes you through the daily lives of these children.
  • What do they eat?

  • Where do they live?

  • How do they survive?

  • What can I do to help?
    Each chapter provides weblinks to organizations working with these children as well as real solutions, actions that you can take now to help these children not only survive, but succeed.
    By 2010, there will be 25,000,000 AIDS orphans! Left alone, they will be uneducated, disenfranchised, and unwanted: ripe candidates for radicalization and exploitation by dictators and terrorists. If good people like yourself do not reach out to these children so they can get love, an education and set up in some profitable enterprise, civilization will deteriorate to a point that you will not even recognize it.
    'This book is an inspiring gem of human caring for human. Particularly, the last chapter is beautiful and inspiring. It is very clearly written, and for the ordinary reader, and yet it is a fully documented scholarly work.' --Bob Rich, PhD, author Cancer: A Personal Challenge
    100% of all profits from this book will go to help the Child Headed Households
    For more info: www.AIDSOrphansRising.org
    Published by Loving Healing Press