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Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Techniques and Tips

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2. Auflage, 2010

This second edition of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, Techniques and Tips represents a comprehensive description of the current laparoscopic techniques. It supplies surgeons  with all the information necessary to successfully accomplish laparoscopic surgery.  It is a hands-on manual that helps the surgeon avoid pitfalls and acquire the necessary laparoscopic skills quickly and efficiently. It is a ready source of practical help when trouble-shooting is necessary. Advanced laparoscopic surgery is an excellent merger of a textbook and atlas for the surgeon who wants to extend and refine his laparoscopic techniques.

Dr.N.Katkhouda is a world authority in laparascopic surgery,having pioneered the first laparoscopic vagotomy for th treatment of gastroduodenal ulcer disease. He is an active partner of the USC Bariatric Surgery Program and in his capacity, offers the patients all laparoscopic approaches for weight loss surgery including hand sawn laparocosopic Roux en Y gastric Bypass and Lap Band.
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