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Promoting Health: A Practical Guide - E-Book

Ewles & Simnett

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7. Auflage, 2017

Promoting Health: A Practical Guide continues to offer health promotion workers with an essential guide to day-to-day planning and service delivery in a variety of different areas of practice.

  • Describes the international and national strategies and movements that have emerged to reduce inequalities in health
  • Examines the concept of need and provides tools to assist in the identification of health promotion needs
  • Contains almost 50 exercises and 20 Case Studies to engage readers and reinforce learning
  • Describes the knowledge and skills required to draw on evidence, undertake research and use various techniques to inform and prioritise health promotion practice
  • Shows how to ensure that health promotion work contributes to local and national strategies
  • Looks at the concept of 'value for money' via learning ways of thinking based in health economics
  • Shows how to develop key skills that include information management, report writing, time management, project management, and change management
  • Looks at the effectiveness of good communication skills and emphasises the importance of establishing high-quality professional relationships
  • Provides practical guidance on the preparation of communication tools which range from leaflets, posters and display boards to the use of radio and television
  • Will reflects recent changes to the structure and organisation of the NHS
  • To include national standards for work in health promotion and public health
  • Discusses the latest research on the comparative effectiveness of different approaches to health promotion
  • Refers to the effectiveness of novel techniques, including the use of Social Media via Twitter and YouTube.

Angela Scriven is a Reader in Health Promotion at Brunel University in London, UK. She has been teaching and researching in the field of health promotion for over 30 years and has published widely including authoring, editing or co-editing the following books Health Promotion Alliances: Theory and Practice (1998); Health Promotion: Professional Perspectives (1996; 2001 2nd edn); Promoting Health: Global Perspectives (2005); Health Promoting Practice: The Contribution of Nurses and Allied Health Professionals (2005); Public Health: Social Context and Action (2007); Promoting Health: A Practical Guide (2010); Health Promotion for Health Practitioners (2010); Health Promotion Settings: Principles and Practice (2012). Her research is centred on the relationship between health promotion policy and practice within specific contexts. She is a member of the International Union of Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE), is President Elect for the Institute of Health Promotion and Education (IHPE) and is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).
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