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Clinical Anesthesia

Near Misses and Lessons Learned

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1. Auflage, 2008

Residents, fellows, and practising certified registered nurse anesthetists will benefit from the retelling of these actual near misses, the solutions chosen at the time, and a retrospective analysis of those solutions that includes tips for how the problems could have been avoided altogether or resolved differently. An excellent study aid for the American Board of Anesthesiology oral exam and a useful teaching tool for faculty, since near misses such as these are relatively rare and other than reading about them, there really is no way to be prepared to successfully manage such crises. As such, even experienced anesthesiologists and CRNAs will find this to be a worthy purchase.

John Brock-Utne is currently a professor of Anesthesia and the Associate Director of the Anesthesia Residency Program at Stanford University Medical School.  He has written over 200 peer reviewed articles and 370 abstracts and letters, including the book Near Misses in Pediatric Anesthesia.

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