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Handbook of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

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1. Auflage, 2007

Consultation-liaison psychiatry interfaces between psychiatry and the rest of medicine as well as psychology, social work, nursing, and other behavioral science disciplines. This is a practical, up-to-date handbook providing a biopsychosocial, integrative perspective and drawing of the expertise of two renowned psychiatrists in the field. The book offers five major sections addressing the fundamentals of the field as well as an assessment the current status of the field.

Hoyle Leigh, MD, is Professor Psychiatry at University of California, San Francisco. He is the author of a number of books on consultation-liaison psychiatry and behavioral sciences, including 'The Patient: Biological, Psychological, and Social Dimensions of medical Practice' (Plenum/Kluwer, three editions). Previously, he was Professor of Psychiatry at Yale University where he established the Yale Behavioral Medicine Clinic that pioneered the field of behavioral medicine.

Jon Streltzer, MD, is Professor of Psychiatry at University of Hawaii. He is renowned for his work in cultural psychiatry, psychonephrology, and chronic pain. He is a co-author of 'Culture and Psychopathology: Guidelines for Clinical Assessment' and 'Culture and Psychotherapy: A Guide to Clinical Practice.'



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