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Psychosomatic Energetics Textbook

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1. Auflage, 2017

Unresolved emotional conflicts can lead to disease. Eliminating them breaks up psychoenergetic blocks. This book shows you how it's done. With the aid of a special test device, therapists can first determine the extent of patient subtle energy on all four energy levels (Vital, Emotional, Mental, Causal). Next, with the aid of special homeopathic compound agents, they can pinpoint patients' hidden emotional conflicts, which are the main causes of energy blocks. A few months of conflict therapy can then eliminate the psychoenergetic blocks, after which life energy can once again flow at full strength. This training and practice manual conveys the following: •The methodical tools of the trade for therapists (test device, testing instructions, organ test kit) •Background information (energy field, Chakra therapy, emotional basic conflicts, typology, acute and constitutive agents) •Practical application (test instructions for clinical practice, indications, limits to PSE) The book completely covers the contents of the course of training to become a "Certified Energy Therapist".
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