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1. Auflage, 2017

Erythropoietin, the latest volume in the Vitamins and Hormones series first published in 1943, and the longest-running serial published by Academic Press, provides up-to-date information on crystal structures and basic structural studies on neurotrophins and their receptors, neurotrophin functions and the biological actions of neurotrophins related to clinical conditions and disease.

Each thoroughly reviewed volume focuses on a single molecule or disease that is related to vitamins or hormones, with the topic broadly interpreted to include related substances, such as transmitters, cytokines, growth factors and others.

Erythropoietin is a kidney cytokine-like hormone that is responsible for maintaining the homeostasis of oxygen in the circulation. In case of hypoxia or anemia, erythropoietin acts through a complex regulatory system involving the hypoxia-inducible factor and hypoxia-response elements in the genome to cause red blood cells to proliferate and differentiate. Although this system has been understood to account for the main activity of erythropoietin, it is currently known that erythropoietin has many other additional physiological activities. This volume documents the activities of this vital molecule and also describes the structure and function of erythropoietin and its receptor as well as newly designed small-molecule agonists.

  • Presents the latest information on erythropoietin
  • Provides a long-running series that focuses on updates and advances in vitamins and hormones
  • Covers single molecules or diseases that are related to vitamins or hormones, with the topic broadly interpreted to include related substances
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