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Psychometrics and Psychological Assessment

Principles and Applications

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1. Auflage, 2017

Psychometrics and Psychological Assessment: Principles and Applications throws new light onto the foundations of psychological science: the assessment of concepts and the validation of theoretical speculations. Specifically, it places special emphasis on illustrating contemporary theoretical perspectives and their evidence-based validity and less in their historical background. The bridge between assessment and psychometrics can be detected throughout the chapters. It highlights topics that underlie developments in the fields of developmental, clinical or neuropsychological domains, such as the role of cognitive abilities and adaptive behavior in psychopathology; the link between temperament and mental disorders; the discords between biological, neuropsychological and psychodynamic perspectives in formulating psychiatric taxonomies; the continuous efforts in the study and assessment of aggression. Finally, the book introduces a plethora of measures, along with their psychometric properties, recent meta-analytic studies and advances in their cross-cultural applications.

  • Discusses extensively, and on an advanced level, major psychometric issues in combination with empirical studies
  • Evaluates multiple cognitive perspectives on neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Examines the family context in relation to children's behavioral outcomes
  • Features major personality measures as well as their cross cultural variations
  • Introduces developments in psychopathology and psychiatric taxonomies
  • Highlights the importance of assessing coping and resilience in both personality and psychopathology
  • Examines the precursors of aggression and violence and presents a variety of measures for their prediction and prevention

Dr. Carina Coulacoglou is a test developer and the founder of the Projective Fairy Tale Test Society. The Fairy Tale Test (FTT) is a comprehensive personality test for children (6-12 years of age. The test has been standardized in several cultures and is published in 13 languages. She has taught courses on child development and psychological assessment at the University of La Verne (Athens campus), the Mediterranean college and Pantion University of Athens. She has published several articles and books.
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