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Functional Neural Transplantation IV

Translation to Clinical Application, Part B

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1. Auflage, 2017

Functional Neural Transplantation IV: Translation to Clinical Application, Part B, Volume 231 provides the current status of cell transplantation in the nervous system, focusing on the conditions for achieving structural repair and functional recovery after brain damage or disease. As the fourth in a periodic series of updates at 5-7 year intervals, this volume highlights recent developments in cellular and molecular science, providing the fundamental principles of neuroplasticity and regeneration in the brain and spinal cord, and also addressing the power of pluripotent stem cells to generate new sources of precisely specified neurons for utilization in brain repair.

Selected chapters review the latest advances in translating new technologies to a broader range of neurodegenerative diseases, stroke, spinal cord injury, glial and retinal disease and pain than had hitherto been considered impossible, with a realization that the opportunities of off-the-shelf cell therapy may fast be approaching a plausible reality.

  • Provides a comprehensive set of critical reviews covering the field
  • Presents state-of-the-art topics in science and translational medicine
  • Written by international leaders in the field of neural transplantation
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