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Early Warning for Infectious Disease Outbreak

Theory and Practice

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1. Auflage, 2017

Early Warning for Infectious Disease Outbreak: Theory and Practice is divided into three parts, with the first section introducing basic theory and key technologies of early warning and the basic principles of infectious disease surveillance. The second section introduces the technical details in the process of establishment, operation and usage of CIDARS and Pudong Syndromic Surveillance and the Early Warning System of the Shanghai World Expo.

The third part explores the study of early warning technology, collecting some useful exploration in the fields of infectious diseases involving sentinel setting, data analysis, influence factors study, calculation and evaluation of early warning models.

  • Provide insights into the theory and practice of early warning systems that have been evaluated and shown to be effective
  • Presents a synopsis of current state-of-the-art practices and a starting point for the development and evaluation of new methods
  • Covers applied research and complete case studies that focus on local, regional, national and international implementation
  • Includes techniques from other fields, such as intelligence and engineering
  • Explores future innovations in biosurveillance, including advances in analytical methods, modeling and simulation
  • Addresses policy and organizational issues related to the construction of biosurveillance systems

Professor Yang Weizhong committed himself to the study and practice of infectious disease surveillance and early warning, from 2002 began to lead the research team to carry out the research of early warning technology, and successfully established China's first nationwide infectious diseases automated-alert and response system. Main members of writing group of this book are from the research team, who have gained much research outputs practical experiences in the process of study and work practices, making a solid foundation for compiling this book. In recent years, the research outputs of early warning research and application effect of infectious disease conducted by this team were accepted by international Journals, such as Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, Bulletin of the World Health Organization, BMC Infectious Diseases, PloS One, and so on, receiving highly valued and widely recognized.
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