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Atlas of Pediatric Brain Tumors

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2. Auflage, 2016

This text was created to fill a void in the practice of pediatric neuropathology. It is a practical and well-illustrated book representing a collection of interesting, common and unusual tumors for a diagnostic exercise by the reader. The wide reception of the first edition by the pathology community is testament to its relevance and utility in the pathologic diagnosis of pediatric brain tumors. This edition covers topics ranging from neuroimaging, the use of crush and touch preps during intraoperative consultation, classic histological features of pediatric brain tumors, tumor variants, and a miscellaneous group of challenging tumors. Chapters consist of essential diagnostic information and features highlighting recognized variants and their differential diagnoses. A section on molecular pathology and electron microscopy is also included for each tumor category, along with a list of classic reviews and innovative articles on each of the tumor entities as suggested reading at the end of each chapter. Atlas of Pediatric Brain Tumors, Second Edition represents the state of the art in pediatric neuropathology with easy utility beside the microscope.

Adekunle Michael Adesina, MD
Director of Neuropathology & Molecular Neuropathology Laboratory

Texas Children's Hospital

Dr. Adesina's primary interest is in the clinical and molecular genetics of pediatric brain tumors with special interest in medulloblastoma. He is involved in ongoing collaborative studies with the pediatric brain tumor group of the Hematology/Oncology division. He is also a collaborator with others on the genomic profiling of embryonal pediatric tumors and the role of FoxG1 in determining susceptibility to these embryonal tumors.
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