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Anatomy and Embalming

A Treatise on the Science and Art of Embalming, the Latest and Most Successful Methods of Treatment and the General Anatomy Relating to This Subject

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1. Auflage, 2015

This book is the result of many years of contact with embalmers in training and in practice. We have included in this work a crystallization of essential information without which, the embalmer must be poorly equipped to carry out the many duties incident to his calling in a manner satisfactory to his patrons and to himself.

Having been thrown in contact with the many problems surrounding the education of the embalmer, the authors have gained many ideas as to just how to place the information before the embalmer so that the result will be reflected in an increased capacity for good work on the part of the individual embalmer.

In prescribing information for the embalmer in this manner, we know clearly just what is to be expected from the application of the sciences herein described, and wish for the novitiate and practitioner the same enthusiasm for actual knowledge that has helped us thus far in arranging the information.

In Part One, we have chronicled, from the word of historians and men of the present day, a condensed, yet complete exposition of the funeral customs relating to the care of the dead, giving our readers a better understanding of present methods by reason of an opportunity to compare them with those of the past.

In Part Two, we have placed the ground work or foundation for the securing of the proper education in embalming. The work on Anatomy, which, if mastered by the student or practitioner, is by far the greatest lever in helping him to master his lifework.

In Part Three, we have placed the practical application of the prin-ciples of modern embalming, tempered by the use of the sciences of pathology, bacteriology, and chemistry in our own application of the work and in its transcription to these pages.
In formulating the technical part of the work, we have been greatly assisted by many authorities among whom are:-Green, Howell, Thomas, Piersol, Gray, Spalteholz, Myers, Barnes, Renouard, Clarke, and those authors who have from time to time contributed articles to the current embalmers journals. We are deeply indebted to these men for the results of their work.

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