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ABRs and Electrically Evoked ABRs in Children

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1. Auflage, 2022

For more than 40 years, Auditory Brainstem Responses (ABRs) have been used as a diagnostic tool for hearing disorders and brainstem disorders in the pediatric audiology and neurotology and child neurology. While there are many publications in this field, this new volume will review hearing problems and neurological disorders in babies, infants and children, and discuss important new advances such as ABR figure and threshold changes with infant development. 
The book will also cover auditory neuropathy, its numerous and new sub-classifications. Readers will be thoroughly briefed on all the new perspectives in interpreting data. Researchers and clinicians will find the text to be a valuable tool in the correct diagnosis of hearing problems and neurological diseases among babies and infants.

Kimitaka Kaga, MD, PhD. is the emeritus professor of University of Tokyo and the emeritus director of National Institute of Sensory Organs in National Hospital Organization Tokyo Medical Center. He graduated from the School of Medicine in the University of Tokyo. His academic specialty is otology, neurotology and audiology. His surgical specialty is otological surgery including cochlear implant, cosmetic and functional reconstruction for microtia and atresia, and tympanoplasty. His academic concern is central auditory processing, auditory plasticity and vestibular failure and compensation in children. He is the president of Tokyo Branch of the ORL Society of Japan Inc., and the former president of Otological Society of Japan. Now he works in two institutes of The National Institute of Sensory Organs and Kamio Memorial Hospital, Audiology Clinic in Tokyo.


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