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Endoscopic and microsurgical anatomy of the upper basal cisterns

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1. Auflage, 2008

This atlas illustrates the anatomical structures of the upper basal cisterns, their topography and relationship to other intra- and extradural structures.

Microsurgical and endoscopic interventions continue to show a significant development at present. They require a profound knowledge of the neuroanatomical circumstances the surgeon will find during the intervention. Although modern imaging techniques are necessary, they might not show enough details for endoscopic interventions. In order to achieve the optimal result, the small visual fields rather need a combination of the depiction of fine details and the presentation of large areas.

In this book, the author expands his well-established efforts to convey his outstanding neuroanatomical knowledge to the basal cisterns. His famous anatomical drawings are based upon anatomical preparations, cadaver dissections and intraoperative pictures, in order to point out important aspects concerning microsurgical and endoscopic approaches to these parts of the brain.

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