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3D Histology Evaluation of Dermatologic Surgery

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1. Auflage, 2014

There hasn't been a book concerning 'Microscopically Controlled Surgery' published and it is vital to publish a book that details all the different terms and methodology used in microscopically controlled surgery. The goal is to create a practical, concise and simple explanation of 3D-histology with workflows and detailed illustrative material for dermatologists. It is therefore designed to be a goal-oriented manual rather than an exhaustive reference work. It will provide the essential information for all working with patients undergoing this group of treatments.

Dr Breuningen works in the department of Dermatosurgery (University of Tübingen) Tübingen in which there is a considerable experience in managing patients undergoing these types of procedures. The author can draw from The Tubingen department's 28 years of experience and large number of publications taken from one of the highest numbers of cases around the world. We are treating over 1500 malignant tumors of the skin per year in the department.
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