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Adult Infectious Disease Bulletpoints Handbook

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1. Auflage, 2014

This e-book contains 20 chapters. Because of his years of experience, Dr. Gullberg knows that Bulletpoints are the best format for learning a core of Infectious Disease subjects. He has handpicked the most common topics in ID. The book is a bottom line format, and should be a helpful tool for quick reference in the office or hospital. Subjects covered include: General principles, Antibiotics, Basic Microbiology, Cardiovascular infections, Fever of Unknown Origin, Fungal infections, Gastrointestinal infections, Genitourinary infections, Healthcare associated infections, HIV, Immunosuppression, Musculoskeletal infections, Nervous system infections, Nuclear Medicine, Outpatient infections, Parasitic infections, Pulmonary infections, Septic shock, STIs, Skin and Soft Tisuue infections, Vaccines, and Transplant evaluation. Robert M. Gullberg, M.D., FACP
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