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Ebola. Black death of the 21st century

Analyse of the Ebola epidemic 2014


Seminar paper from the year 2014 in the subject Health Science, , language: English, abstract: Ebola is a viral disease caused by several viruses and the disease is known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever. Humans are not the natural host for it and can not be carriers. Infection is contracted by contact with carrier animals in different ways. Humans become infectious during the sickness period especially in crowded places and where culture embraces close body contact with family and friends as the disease spreads by body fluids. Generally Ebola is not a disease that might lead to an epidemic due to several reasons, the fact that there are no human carriers, the replication time of the Ebola virus makes its transmission rate limited to 1.8% and normally it kills the host before it spreads. What led to this epidemic becoming the largest of Ebola is the question to answer (PHMS, 2014).