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Screening Methods in Pharmacology


Screening Methods in Pharmacology focuses on the methods for screening substances for pharmacological activities and discussions of organization of screening programs.
The manuscript first offers information on the biochemistry of the nervous system and organization of screening, as well as mechanisms of drug effects within the autonomic system; mechanisms within the parasympathetic and symphatetic systems; and neuropharmacological tests in blind screening. The book also takes a look at general and quantal responses.
The publication reviews depressants of the central nervous system and ataractic (tranquillizing, neuroleptic) agents. Topics include natatory exhaustion, motor deficit, righting reflex, pentylenetetrazol (metrazol) antagonism, head-withdrawal reflex, and avoidance of electrical shock. The book also ponders on analgesics and oxytoxic, antiserotonin, and anti-inflammatory agents. Discussions focus on narcotic and nonnarcotic analgesics, erythema, inhibition of ascites, and pleural fluid.
The manuscript is a valuable reference for readers interested in the screening methods in pharmacology.