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Aspects of Neural Ontogeny

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1. Auflage, 1968

Aspects of Neural Ontogeny focuses on the interaction between the nervous system and peripheral organs during development, including history and development of neurons and the functions of nerves and muscles.
The book first offers information on the development of neurons, including formation and growth of nerve fibers; growth cone and the extension of nerve fibers; history of the neuron theory; and path of nerve fibers. The manuscript then elaborates on the innervation of the tetrapod limb and the center and periphery. Discussions focus on the relationships between the ventral horn and muscles of the limb; experimental studies on limb plexus and limb nerves; and relationships between spinal nerves and limb muscles.
The publication takes a look at the ontogeny of behavior, as well as pattern of motility, spontaneous movements, tetrapod limb, and experimental studies.
The book is a dependable reference for readers interested in neural ontogeny.
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