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Advances in Biological and Medical Physics

Volume 6


Advances in Biological and Medical Physics, Volume VI, provides an overview of the state of knowledge in biological and medical physics. The book opens with a study on ion and water transport in stomach and intestine. This is followed by separate chapters on artificial and induced periodicity in living cells; radiobiological aspects of the induction of lysogenic bacteria to produce phage with x-ray, gamma ray, and ultraviolet radiations; cell studies with microspectrography; and the effect of ionizing radiation on tumors in experimental animals. Subsequent chapters deal with biological effects of fallout from nuclear weapons tests; radiological contrast enhancing methods; measurement of regional circulation in the central nervous system by the use of radioactive inert gas; and intense ultrasound in investigations of the central nervous system. Also covered are the use of isotopic tracers in the study of diabetes; application of light scattering to biological systems; and physical and chemical mechanisms in the injury of cells by ionizing radiations.