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Toxic Phosphorus Esters

Chemistry, Metabolism, and Biological Effects


Toxic Phosphorus Esters: Chemistry, Metabolism, and Biological Effects aims to become a source book on organophosphate research and show how the understanding of the events following organophosphate poisoning of animals can be understood in terms of events at the molecular level.
The manuscript first offers information on nonenzymic reactions and the reaction with cholinesterase in vitro. Discussions focus on hydrolysis, isomerization, oxidation, phosphorylation of the enzyme, and selectivity for different cholinesterases. The text then examines enzymic degradation and activation in vitro, effects in mammals, and effects on isolated whole tissues.
The publication ponders on the effects in insects and plants, including results of poisoning, metabolism, resistance, antagonism and synergism, and phytotoxicity. The text also reviews selective toxicity, as well as excretion and storage, metabolism, design of new selective compounds, and nature of the target.
The manuscript is a dependable reference for readers interested in the composition, reactions, and effects of toxic phosphorus esters.