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Applied to Neurosurgery


Microsurgery Applied to Neurosurgery focuses on microsurgical approaches to cerebrospinal lesions, including plastic surgery, suturing techniques, instruments for microsurgery, and microsurgical operations.
The manuscript first offers information on the history of microsurgery and the operating microscope. Discussions focus on bipolar electric coagulation, plastic surgery, peripheral nerves, clinical application, binocular diploscope, automatic microscope stand, sterile covering of the microscope, and magnification. The text also elaborates on the instruments for microsurgery and suturing techniques.
The publication takes a look at experimental microsurgical operations in animals and reconstructive and constructive surgery of the cerebral arteries in man. The manuscript also ponders on intracranial tumors and transnasal-transsphenoidal approach to the pituitary gland. Topics include transsphenoidal approach, suboccipital transmeatal approach, spinal tumors, and preoperative radiological study.
The manuscript is a dependable reference for health professionals and readers interested in microsurgery.