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Histophysiology of Synapses and Neurosecretion

International Series of Monographs on Pure and Applied Biology: Modern Trends in Physiological Sciences


Histopbysiology of Synapses and Neurosecretion discusses the relationship between subcellular structure and function in synapses. The title discusses how neurosecretion phenomenon takes place in the important areas of central and peripheral nervous system.
The first part of text deals with the synapse. Topics such as the concept of synaptic transmission, morphology of synaptic region, and ultrastructure of synaptic region are covered in the first part. Part I also discusses the MORPHO-physiological correlations in certain synapses; and neurochemical studies in isolated nerve endings and synaptic vesicles of the CNS. The second part of the selection covers neorosecretion. Part II tackles the neurohumoral mechanisms and secretion in the hypothalamicneurohypophysial system; secretory processes; and secretion in adrenergic nerves and endings.
The book will be of great use to student, researchers, and practitioners of neurology.