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Toxicology and Occupational Medicine

Proceedings of the Tenth Inter-American Conference on Toxicology and Occupational Medicine, Key Biscayne (Miami), Florida, October 22-25, 1978

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1. Auflage, 1979

Toxicology and Occupational Medicine documents the proceedings of the Tenth Inter-American Conference on Toxicology and Occupational Medicine held in Key Biscayne (Miami), Florida, on 22-25 October 1978. The purpose of the conference was the presentation by delegates of research reports on subjects in the broad field of Toxicology and Occupational Medicine, followed by free discussions by all participants.
This volume contains 47 papers and begins by tracing the history of the Inter-American Conferences. Subsequent chapters present papers on topics such as legal and scientific concerns over food safety; factors to consider to ensure the validity of the design of the experiment, the procedure for carrying it out, and the method of interpreting the results; and comparison of mutagenic, carcinogenic, and epidemiological data on known human carcinogens. Other papers cover the hidden carcinogen in the manufacture of isopropyl alcohol; developments in protecting workers from chemical hazards on the job; and safety evaluation of cosmetic ingredients.
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