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Health and Safety in Ceramics

A Guide for Educational Workshops and Studios


Health and Safety in Ceramics: A Guide for Educational Workshops and Studios, Second Edition is a booklet that aims to teach those who work with ceramic materials how to safely handle them and avoid the different hazards they may cause.
The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 covers the materials used in ceramics; the problems of handling them; their mode of entry, and how to handle them properly; the safe application and preparation of glazes; the manufacture; application; and general hazards of ceramic colors. Part 2 deals with finished ware, the presence of hazards, and the test of its safety levels. Part 3 discusses safety of equipment, especially machinery and kilns.
Non-technical, simple, and easily understood, the text is recommended for clay potters and ceramic workers, those who wish to venture into the ceramics business, and those who want to teach the safety of the craft to others.