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Advances in Immunopharmacology

Proceedings of the First International Conference on Immunopharmacology, July 1980, Brighton, England


Advances in Immunopharmacology documents the proceedings of the First International Conference on Immunopharmacology held in Brighton, England, in July 1980. The volume contains 60 papers organized into 10 parts. The papers in Part I examine the pharmacology of immunotherapeutic drugs and immunotoxicology. Part II presents studies on thymic hormones. Part III is devoted to immunopharmacologic approaches to diseases other than cancer. Part IV deals with mechanisms of chemotaxis degranulation and microbicidal action. Part V focuses on cancer immunopharmacology and immunotherapy while Part VI covers the mechanisms of inflammatory and allergic processes. Part VII takes up the immune testing of the actions of immunotherapeutic agents. Part VIII discusses prostaglandins and macrophage suppression. Part IX is devoted to selected topics such as mechanism of action of soluble immune response suppressor and new approaches to the therapy of allergic diseases. Part X presents discussions during the therapy communication sessions.