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Sixth International Congress of Pharmacology

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1. Auflage, 2013

Abstracts of the Sixth International Congress of Pharmacology deals with papers submitted during the pharmacology congress held at Helsinki in 1975. This collection of papers deals with research and development in pharmacology and biotherapeutic drugs. The wide array of subjects deals with the therapeutic implications of controlled drug delivery and the methods of drug application, including pharmacological investigations on cell in a culture.
The book also contains papers about the interactions of neurotransmitters and the hypothalamic releasing hormones and toxins as tools in receptor studies. Some papers also deal with behavioral pharmacology that covers drug dependence, narcotic analgesics, and anesthetics. The text explains the method seminar concerning animal models simulating pathological conditions. Other papers discuss the pharmacology of emotive behavior with some volunteer papers dealing with subjects of toxicology, neurochemistry, and clinical psychopharmacology. The book also contains papers on cancer chemotherapy, hypertension, neurochemistry, and hematology. One paper evaluates the effects of cardiovascular drugs in humans.
This book is suitable for pharmacologists, drug researchers, micro-chemists, oncologists, and specialists in many fields of medicine.
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