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The Toxicology of Radioactive Substances

Volume 5


The Toxicology of Radioactive Substances, Volume 5: Zinc-65 deals with the toxic properties of the radioisotope zinc-65 as well as its biological effects. Emphasis is placed on the role of stable zinc in the reaction of the body to the administration of zinc-65. Some of the results of laboratory studies on the toxic effects of zinc-65 on animals, primarily rabbits, are presented.
This volume is comprised of 18 chapters and opens with an overview of certain aspects of the toxicology of radioactive zinc-65, followed by a discussion on the behavior of zinc-65 in the rat body. Subsequent chapters explore the distribution of zinc-65 in the body of rabbits following chronic oral administration; bioelectrical activity of the cerebral cortex in rabbits in conditions of prolonged administration of radioactive zinc; the effect of prolonged internal irradiation with G5ZnCl2 on the functional state of the rabbit heart; and aspects of hemopoiesis following chronic intake of radiozinc. Morphological changes in experimental animals following chronic exposure to radioactive zinc are also considered.
This book will be of interest to chemists and toxicologists.