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Pharmacology of Reproduction

Proceedings of The Third International Pharmacological Meeting July 24-30, 1966


Pharmacology of Reproduction is the second volume of the proceedings of the Third International Pharmacological Meeting held in Sao Paulo in 1966.
The volume presents papers about the pharmacological implications of the hypothalamic control of gonadotrophin and prolactin secretion and the factors affecting hypothalamic function, with focus on the pharmacology of puberty. The luteinizing hormone (LH)-like activity in the pituitary-hypothalamic complex of children and the chemistry and physiology of follicle-stimulating hormone-releasing factor and LH-release factor are studied as well in other papers presented. The volume then tackles papers about the factors affecting the testicular function in human; immunological factors affecting spermatogenesis; and the factors stimulating the ovarian function in human. The pharmacological inhibition of the ovarian function is also considered in the volume.
Practicing endocrinologists and physiologists and students taking endocrinology courses will find the book invaluable.